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A higher credit score typically means lower interest rates which will reduce your monthly payments – and that could mean saving
thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.  Your Guide to Credit Cards & Everything Credit
Find resources on favorite like central, credit and finance to the very best in credit card offers and much more. Whether you have
excellent credit, average credit, even bad credit; we may be able to help you get the credit you deserve.

Should you need a credit card, check out our credit card links.  Should you need a cash loan, check out our loan links.  Should you need
a mortgage, check out our mortgage links.  Find links to credit reports, debt and tax relief credit counseling and more!

Everyone has unique credit circumstances. At favorite links central find resources that specialize in helping consumers and
businesses find the right credit options to fit their needs. So search, compare and apply now online with an online application for the
credit you need today!
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Is the only authorized
source to get your
annual credit report
under federal law. You
can request your free
report online, by phone
or by mail. Visit

call 1-877-322-8228, or
fill out the Annual Credit
Report Request form
and mail it to Annual
Credit Report Request
PO Box 105281,
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.

The Fair Credit
Reporting Act
guarantees you access
to a free credit report
from each of the three
nationwide reporting
agencies, Experian,
Equifax, and
TransUnion, every
twelve months.  

No matter how you
request your report, you
have the option to
request all three reports
at once or to order one
report at a time.

Why should I request
my credit report?

Because the information
in your credit report is
used to evaluate your
applications for credit,
insurance, employment,
and renting a home,
you should be sure the
information is accurate
and up-to-date.  In
addition, monitoring
your credit is one of the
best ways to spot
identity theft.  Check
your credit report at
least once a year to
correct errors and
detect unauthorized
activity.  If you see
accounts you don’t
recognize or information
that is inaccurate,
contact the credit
reporting agency and
the information

If you suspect identity
theft, you may need to
place a fraud alert on
your credit report, close
compromised accounts,
file a complaint with

The Federal Trade
Commission  (FTC),

or file a police report.  
Start by visiting the FTC
identity theft website.

If you suspect you have
been the victim of spam
e-mail or have a
complaint of fraudulent
advertising activities
The Federal Trade
Commission. They have
received complaints
from consumers who
thought they were
ordering their free
annual credit report, but
instead paid hidden
fees or agreed to
unwanted service

Whatever your financial
needs may be
Find it online:

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Government Mortgage Always Free Federal
Your Resource for Rates & Quotes
FHA Loan Eligibility
You may be a good candidate for an FHA loan.

An FHA loan is a federally insured loan made by the Federal Housing
Administration, which has been insuring mortgages since 1934. FHA loans
are very good options for specific borrowers.

FHA loan has several key components.

  • Low down payment. FHA loans usually require just a three percent
    down payment. This down payment can also be gifted to the
    borrower, which makes home ownership more obtainable for the
    first-time home buyer.
  • Low closing costs. Using an FHA-approved lender usually means
    lower closing costs than a conventional mortgage.
  • Easier qualifying. Those with less-than-perfect credit are more
    easily approved for a loan through FHA programs because the
    federal government insures them.
  • Lower overall costs. An FHA loan can have a better interest rate,
    which cuts down on the overall cost of the loan.
  • Avoiding foreclosure. The Federal Housing Administration provides
    programs to help avoid foreclosure in case of financial difficulties.
Eligibility requirements

You must meet certain qualifications for an FHA loan
Good candidates
Certain borrowers are better suited for an FHA loan than others.
if you are a first time home buyer, an FHA loan may be a good option

If you meet the FHA eligibility requirements and seem to be a good
candidate for an FHA loan, you can contact an FHA-approved lender to
see if you can qualify for a mortgage. However, it is always important to
compare when shopping for a mortgage. Investigate conventional
products, too, to see where you can get the best deal.

Find out if you may be eligible for an FHA loan now through LendingTree
Personal Loans Quick & Secure. Click for Cash Central.
Cash   A qualified Payday loan facilitator serving the
financial needs of online customers.  Pioneer of short-term lending on the
Internet with reliable, secure and user-friendly lending philosophies.
"Your Loan Your Way""
My auto  Apply online, get up to four loan offers in minutes. A
leading online automotive finance marketplace where consumers what's
fair, good and great credit get real loans from real lenders.  Find new or
used car loans, refinance loans, private party blends or a lease buyout
Clean Up Your Credit Report  Clean Up Your Credit Report, repair Your
Credit For over 15 years, Lexington Law Firm has been the
trusted provider of affordable credit repair solutions.
The Fair Credit Reporting
Act (FCRA)   A federal
law that gives you the right
to accurate credit reporting.
Exercise that right by
having your questionable
credit listing verified as
accurate or removed from
your credit reports