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Computer security can focus on ensuring the availability and correct operation of a computer system without concern for the information
stored or processed by the computer. Protect your computer with the latest anti-virus, adware, spyware, and firewalls. Stop Hackers,
identity thieves, and other emerging threats. Shred personal documents and discs to prevent unauthorized use
Internet Security and virus protection makes PC and online protection easy for everyone. This set-it-and-forget-it solution comes with
award-winning McAfee web security, so you know the safety of web sites before you visit, bank, shop or trade online. This powerful
security bundle keeps your family and your PCs safe from viruses, spyware, hackers, scammers, identity thieves and cybercriminals
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Identity Protection

Choose from industry leaders in the rapidly growing field of
identity theft protection. Receive comprehensive protection and
peace of mind so you can forget about identity theft. Technology
that monitors property records, credit reports, court records and
more. Notifies  you if records have been compromised.
VIPRE Antivirus - Homepage
Instant Background Checks includes criminal background check, property
value, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy, liens and much more!   Criminal background check, property value Search,
search, address and phone number search, employee and tenant
screening, criminal and sex offender search and much more!
If you feel that you've become a victim of identity
theft go to the Federal Trade Commission website
This website is a one-stop national resource to
learn about the crime of identity theft.
Personal identity security means
protecting the confidentiality, integrity
and availability of your personal
information from unauthorized access
and use.
Protect your kids and yourself on
Facebook and other social networks.
Protect from bullying, predators, abusive
language, identity theft with the right
The Fair Credit
Reporting Act (FCRA)     
Gives you the right to
accurate credit
reporting. Exercise that
right by having your
questionable credit
listings either verified
as accurate or removed
from your credit reports
according to the law.
Identity theft is a term used to refer to fraud that involves
someone pretending to be someone else in order to steal money
or get other benefits.

Several things to Think about to help protect your personal

  1. Do not give personal information about yourself to someone
    you don't know.
  2. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  3. Nothing is free, Beware of hidden costs and underlying fees
  4. Make sure it's legit, before you commit.
  5. Don't post anything on the Internet you don't want everyone
    to have access to. With the advent of social networks such
    as Facebook and MySpace, any information that gets put on
    the sites is available to just about everyone. Once this
    information is made available it can be out there for years
    even if you delete it from your computer.

We have all at some time received e-mail spam or scams. How
many times have we seen e-mails offering free money or promises
of free gifts or prizes just by replying. Well by Replying to these
offers you are giving away personal and private information.

In many countries specific laws make it a crime to use another
person's identity for personal gain, Other countries do not have
these laws. When you receive e-mail or visit specific websites,
that may be scams, there is no easy way know where they are
located. Some websites can come and go within days and before
you know it has charged your account.
Securely erase personal data from your computers hard drive
after virus or spyware damage. Return entire hard drives or
operating systems to like-new condition. Purge or erase unwanted
disk data prior to selling or donating your used PC. Safely and
effectively protect your personal information, bank account
statements, passwords, and credit card numbers by wiping them
from your computer. Completely clean-out your browser cache,
cookies, history and form files.
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identity theft
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